About Gabby

Gabriela "Gabby" Franco grew up in Venezuela. As a child She was very active and practiced different sports like swimming, gymnastics, running, etc. Until one day her Dad took her to the shooting range when she was only 11 years old.  Since day one she knew she wanted to know more about the Shooting Sport.

Gabby became a Olympic Pistol shooter, and she used to train 6 days a week 4-5 hours a day after school.


- AIR PISTOL: Morini 162E / STEYR LP10 4.5
- SPORT PISTOL: Walther GSP .22lr

At the age of 16 after a few years of training Gabby became part of the Venezuelan Olympic Team and won her first International Silver Medal at the Bolivarian Games in Peru (1997).  Since then Gabby became one of favorite pistol shooter of the Venezuelan Team competing in 14 different countries in 5 years and earning at least a dozen of International titles. Gabby became Venezuelan National Champion for several years.

Gabby moved to the United States in 2002 shortly after her last match in Brazil (South American Games) where She won 3 Gold medals. In USA Gabby started working in the Firearms Industry becoming more involved in the USPSA and Tactical shooting.

Currently Gabby is FIREARMS INSTRUCTOR and an active competitor in USPSA.


Gabby Franco



Precision Shooting

- Tactical Accessories Sales
- International Firearms sales and customer service
- Firearms Retail sales person
- Firearms and accessories special order sales


1996 – 2001 - Venezuela National Championin Air Pistol and Sport Pistol (.22cal)

1997 –  Silver Medal – Bolivarian Games
Arequipa, Peru

1998 - Silver Medal – Central American Games
Maracaibo, Venezuela

1998 –  Gold Medal – South American Games
Cuenca, Ecuador

1999 – Silver Medal – Pan American Games
Winnipeg, Canada

2000 – 37TH PLACE – Olympic Games
Sydney, Australia

2000 – Gold Medal – South American Games
Lima, PERU

2001 –  Gold Medal – Bolivarian Games
Ambato, Ecuador

2001 – 9TH Place – World Cup
Atlanta, GA USA

2002 –  3 Gold Medals – South American Games
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

2011 - Second Place (Limited  D) – USPSA AREA 6
Frostproof, FL


  • Tactical Pistol Training – Level I
  • Tactical Pistol Training – Level II
  • Tactical Carbine Training
  • NRA Certified Pistol Instructor
  • NRA Refuse to be a Victim Instructor
  • Glock Professional Certified Armorer
  • TOP SHOT S4 and "All Stars" Contestant