Shoot Perfect Class


Shoot PERFECT Training will introduce you to the “Perfect Shooting Technique” which used by Olympian shooters to achieve accurate and precise BULL’S EYE shooting with any firearm you handle.

Shoot Perfect Training is a course that will accommodate your schedule. It can either be taken weekly or monthly, in order to give the shooter plenty of time to process all of the information.

This training will cover the following:


  • PERFECT Sight Alignment
  • PERFECT Trigger technique
  • PERFECT Body Control (From Head to Toe)
  • PERFECT Concentration Control
  • FAST and Accurate Shooting (Pair Control)

Please be advise that learning process depends on Shooter’s progress. Shooter must take at least 2 classes before moving to the Next level

Eye, ear protection and firearm will be provided. 
Ammunition and range fee are not included.

Do not settle for less, and let yourself be trained by the best!

For more info call (786)325-2716 or email to