PRECISION & Introduction to USPSA Competitions






Introduction to Competitive Shooting for Women

6 -Hour Class

8 Students max.

**This is not a class for beginners**


This class is intended to give a clear understanding of the basic techniques of competitive shooting, mind-set, gear, safety while moving with a loaded firearms, etc.


This class will cover the following:

- Review of proper shooting techniques

- Draw from the holster

- Mag changes

- Lateral movement while shooting

- Forward movement

...and more...


Please bring the following to the class:

- Semi-auto pistol: Full size.

- Caliber: Preferably 9mm but it is not mandatory.
- At least 3 spare magazines.
- OWB holster (preferably kydex with no retention).
- Magazine pouches: 2 double or 4 single.
- 300 rounds (in some classes we might not use all the ammo).
- Hat
- Eye and ear protection
- Comfortable shoes (tennis shoes)
- Crew-neck shirts (no “V” neck shirts)
- Water
-  Snacks

- Bring a Speed loader, portable chair