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Shoot Pink for Girls - StoneHart Range - Group Class


This 3 hour course is specially designed for WOMEN ONLY.The course includes two hours of classroom and one hour of range time. The course covers firearm safety, firearm handling, firearm details and types, crime awareness and prevention, concealed carry options and mindset, discuss fear of use, proper shooting stance and grip, and the basics to shoot proficiently. This class is offered on the LAST WEDNESDAY OF EVERY MONTH. 

You can sign up here or directly at the range by calling (305)255.4884





Shoot Pink for Girls - Private


This class is designed by a woman for women. You will be taught the basic techniques of firearms safety, marksmanship, and handling. In addition, you will be taught crucial information about personal defense and home protection. 
Women are seen by most criminals as "easy targets." Only by stepping forward and taking a proactive approach to your own safety will you be able to refuse to be a victim of crime.

This class will cover the following aspects:
- Proper grip and stand
- Sight alignment
- Trigger control


    Complete Shooting Training (4 Hours) - Private

This is a 4 hours private shooting classes that includes accuracy, speed and perfect shooting.  It may be divided onto a minimum of 2 days (2hrs each) or 4 days (1 hour each) all depending on your schedule.

You must bring at least 150 rounds of ammunition (may be purchased at the range), eye and ear protection, Firearm my be provided upon request.

Each hour you will be trained in specific shooting techniques individually from, perfect form, precision shooting, draw from holster, etc.  Same you would pay for a group class, but now it you will get a one on one training!! 

It is not about learning only anymore. It is about applying correctly what you have learned. You are paying $60.00 per hour in a high quality shooting class only for YOU!.


    Basic Shooting Class - Private

With this class you will receive training that will give you the knowledge, confidence and training you need to handle a firearm safely.

It is our goal to provide the best training possible that includes safety rules, marksmanship and perfect shooting techniques that will give you the necessary skills you need as a shooter.

In this class Gabby Franco will bring her knowledge as an Olympic shooter and her experience in the shooting world giving you the best shooting class you would ever have.


    Shoot PERFECT Training - Private

Shoot PERFECT Training will introduce you to the “Perfect Shooting Technique” which used by Olympian shooters to achieve accurate and precise BULL’S EYE shooting with any firearm you handle.

Shoot Perfect Training is a course that will accommodate your schedule. It can either be taken weekly or monthly, in order to give the shooter plenty of time to process all of the information.

    Prepaid Class

If you have prepaid a class or if you have a gift certificate, then select this option. A valid gift certificate must be presented!


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