I appreciate your thank you, however it is I who should be thanking you!!

I’ve been shooting handguns regularly – and pretty well according to those I shoot with - for over 35 years, so to be honest I wasn’t sure how much the training tools in your book were going to help.  I read your book almost immediately upon receiving it and even though I’ve only had the opportunity to apply a few of your techniques at the range,  the improvement in my shot placement as well as my lowered level of fatigue were both instantly noticeable.  I’m very anxious to put all of your techniques and tips ‘to the test’ and am expecting to see positive results each step along the way.

Thank you for taking the time away from your shooting to write this excellent manual.  I can’t imagine anyone, with the possible exception of someone of your ability, who’s shooting wouldn’t markedly improve by applying your suggestions, training tips and practice techniques.

Continued success in your own endeavors – shooting and in life – and I hope that any writing you do in the future will be as helpful, easy-to-follow and down to earth as this book.


Very Best Regards, 

Bill Walters
Willy's Smooth Revolvers, Inc.

December, 2013

Shooting Classes:



Thank you for coming to Jacksonville with Epic Warriors and giving us a class in shooting.  One of the things that I lost in Iraq was the pleasure and fun of target shooting.  Standard grip and posture are tough when your shoulder is three inches out of place.

You were a very patient instructor when it came to working around my physical disabilities.  Although I was a bit worn out by the end of the day, you rekindled some of the joy that I always took in a well aimed shot.  I have some work ahead of me in figuring out exactly what position I will best be able to shoot but I will be shooting much more often.   


See you at the range,

Joseph G. Scone
U.S. Army (retired)

Jacksonville, Florida - Dec. 2013

Shooting Classes:




To start, I want to thank you for making the day with Gabby possible.  Her kindness, humble nature and willingness to provide personal training made for a great experience and one that I hope to have again.

  Specifically, I enjoyed and learned from the trigger control exercise, (we aimed, she pulled), the draw techniques and stressing the importance of proper grip, stance and front sight concentration.  Selfishly, I would have like the class to be longer, which would have allowed for more one-on-one training.

  Overall, I found her to be highly skilled and inspirational as a shooter/trainer.  She balanced professionalism and personality in a way that me want to get to know her as person as much as I wanted to learn from her shooting abilities.  I have since ordered her book and I look forward to shooting with her again.


Best regards,

Justin Justice - Veteran

December, 2013

Shooting Classes:


Dear Gabby,


The training I attended on Wednesday at Nexus was beyond excellent. You did something very few (if any at all) instructors do, which is to get into the psychology of the shooting experience. I have a much greater awareness of the connection between my thoughts and body. I thought I was very aware of what I was doing - turns out I was not! :)

  I think your ability to break down the experience and incorporate the mental aspect, could easily be translated into other areas of life. Maybe you have a few more books yet to come?


best wishes,


Miami, Florida - November, 2013